Wheat Ridge High School Farmers Class of 1963

Telfer Norman
Woody Norman

Nickname: Woody

E - mail: telferw - comcast - net

Bottom Line - Life is and has been pretty darn good for me. Ups/Downs but who hasn't had them.

What is great reading these bios. is the various paths we have all taken and we are still pretty much the same people who graduated in 63. Maybe a few more pounds and a few less hairs but that's not important. Different paths may have lead to different destinations, but it appears we've all enjoyed the journey. I know I have.

After spending a year at CU, I went to Mines and graduated in 68. Then went to Law School at CU (skiing injury to shoulder kept me out of Viet Nam). Practiced Law for over 30 years but when it was not fun anymore, pretty much put it behind me. As Marion and I have no children (the dogs and I were fixed), we were able to retire (dogs don't go to college).

Bought my parents house from them and lived there till 2000 when we bought a home outside of Morrison. Figured 44 years in the same house was enough. Could it be I don't stretch my limits?

After a short 20 year courtship, Marion and I were married in 2000. We have enjoyed a great relationship with family and friends over the past 30 years (many WRHS Graduates) and have traveled extensively in Colorado and elsewhere. However, it's the people, not the places that continue to enrich our lives and in that we have been blessed

Looking forward to seeing as many as can make it this summer!

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