Wheat Ridge High School Farmers Class of 1963

Lawrence Holmes
Larry Holmes

Nickname: Larry

E - mail: cresset - frii - com

Dear Friends,
After graduation I went to Colorado State College, studied chemistry, played on the freshman basektball team ( chewed out for sinking hook shots), worked a year to pay for my education, got drafted twice, got out of it, flunked English, brought my average down to 2.2 ( C=2) and was drafted again. Joined the army for 4 years and "freely" chose the country of my choice - Germany- and was sent to Vietnam from there. Developed ideals to finish Chemistry in Germany and then work in ecology( that wasn't even a word back then).
I was discharged in Washington, marched through the December rain sleet in tropical jungle uniforms and sleeping with no blankets. All of us returned home with colds, sore throats... After sleeping for over a week I went and bought winter clothes and went to Vail where I worked and skied. I took in the mountains, the snow, the peace and beauty.

I met my first Ursula when I was in the army in Germany(1968). I took German in the evenings - she was my teacher.
I hitched hike my way east across the US in September 1970. I got a ride with a jewish couple into NY and stayed in an apartment in Betford Steiverson. I wanted to work my way over to Europe on a ship. That did not work out. Got a charter flight ( $ 125) through a student I met who was going to Africa. Made my way to Stuttgart/ Germany. I found those other people that came into my life by being with Ursula Lausmann. I worked at Weleda, making homeopathic medicine. Here is where I came in contact with biodynamic gardening and farming, the Waldorf schools, with the works of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.
July 1972 - December 1976 were appreniceship and journeymen years on 4 bd. farms/ market gardens. I am very grateful and thankful for the time with Ursula L. in helping me to learn German ,for bike tours, hikes, walks, poems, stories, learning about Weston A. Price...., being with her brought me to my lifes work and adventure - FARMING.
Started the Rothenhausen Community Farm near Luebeck/ Germany with 2 other couples in 1976. Ursula Stegmeyer came as an apprentice in 1981. We married in 1984.
This rundown farm developed into a beautiful deversified farm with festivals, concerts, bakery, farm store, orchard, wind power, education, raw milk and cheese...
We were 5 families with over 30 people on the farm when we came to Loveland, Colorado in September 1996.
We started the Cresset Community Farm in 1999. We farm using the Community Supported Agriculture model, work with intercity at risk youth....

I feel priviledged to work with God's creation!
I love the simple life.
I am thankful for my life - it was almost taken away in 1970 by drowning in the South China Sea and 1976 by encounter with a bull.
My task as a farmer here on earth is to develope my feelings for the divine wisdom in life - mineral , plant , animal, human kingdom, " we leave the horn on our cows".
I am beginning to learn and know, since I went through the New Warrior Training in 2002 ( it is never too late) when I am charged about someone else's doings then look in the morror Larry Holmes, it is all about me.
L.H. facts:
Have not used soap for over 20 years except to wash my glasses
Compost our own poop.
And especially enjoy the different tones of yeee' s when I show the teenagers how it is done.
Hardly watch TV
Never bored
Put real candles on our christmas tree
Like Amy Goodman and DemocracyNow.org
Love to laugh

I am looking forward to our 45th reunion.
Larry Holmes

PS Thank Dennie Meinke for encouraging me to write this bio!

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