Wheat Ridge High School Farmers Class of 1963

Kay Hurst
Kay Hurst

E - mail: kstro2 - msn - com

After graduating WR I attended CSU. Married in 1966 and graduated with BA in English from CSU in 1967. Began teaching English at Kersey JR/SR HS in 1969. Married a farmer/horse trainer in 1970. Pursued a MA in Gifted and Talented but was unable to complete my practicum as the farm work was too intensive for a while. We raised three children: my two boys are making movies in LA and my daughter lives in Johnstown raising three children. My husband died in 1999 the year I received my MA in Curriculum and Instruction from CU. I have been very involved with Traumatic Brain Injury patients for the past six years and will help rehab TBI survivors when I retire from teaching at Kersey HS. I still have my horses and work on a ranch weekends. My granddaughter thrilled me when we were moving cattle across the prairie, turned to me and said,"Grammi, I know why you like to ride. It makes you feel so free." Life is good, is going fast--did we graduate yesterday or only fifty years ago?

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