Wheat Ridge High School Farmers Class of 1963

John Veale
John Veale

E - mail: jpveale99 - hotmail - com

1967 - Graduated with B.S.E.E. degree and have worked on numerous projects since, including Radar Systems, a heavy lift system that pulled up a Russian submarine in the 80's, and I'm currently working for a small dental manufacturer, working on electronics and software (anyone want to volunteer for a root canal).
I migrated to Washington State in the 70's and except for a brief period have been here ever since.
For all of my "band buddies", I occasionally pull out the old "licorice stick" which always brings back fond memories of all the good friends I had at Wheatridge.
After looking at my blank picture in the annual, I have determined that being too lazy to have my picture taken, was not a good thing.

This is what I looked like on my 60th birthday (considerably more detailed than my annual picture)

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