Wheat Ridge High School Farmers Class of 1963

Blanche Guenther
Blanche Guenther

E - mail: blanchebrunk - msn - com

39 adventuring years in Alaska--homesteading, champion sled dog racing, commercial fishing--the whole frontier enchilada. Now in Tucson, Arizona and loving the heat and light and fortunate to return to the northland for summer respite.

My awesome daughter Cara lives in Alaska. What a great woman she is. She just returned from a trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, walking around this pristine land.

Oh, yes I've been married twice and that was quite an adventure too.

1967 graduation from CU in nursing and off to Alaska in 1969. Young, idealistic and full of exuberance, my early career spanned nursing and maternal child health positions. MPH from the University of Hawaii 1986. Later, Deputy Commissioner of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services during the Cowper administration. Lived in remote Alaska for 11 years, Bethel to be exact, where I learned what real Alaska was all about. For the last thirteen years, I was tenure track faculty at the University of Alaska in community health and rural human services. My last posting was as Director of Health Program, building academic programs for Alaska Native students.

After a 3 year break, will begin a management job at Pima Community College here in Tucson in August.

Been lots of wild and tame places around the world. Most recently down in Mexico-- Tlaquepaque and Tonala, purchasing beautiful things for my little business Artes de las Americas.

Love travel(road trips are still exciting),gardening, art( ceramic and mosaic making), theater, water (preferably with fish and not cold) and Buddhism.
Ample opportunity for awareness and peace on the spiritual journey.

Go Farmers! Best regards to all.

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